The Sims 4 ‘City Living’ Has (Finally) Been Announced

A series of leaks and rumours leading up to this announcement has certainly taken most of the shock out of it, but it’s still nice to finally have formal confirmation that The Sims 4 City Living will be the next expansion pack.


The details of what will be included in the new expansion are still a bit sketchy, but there’s strong indications that the game will include apartment and penthouse lots, tourist NPCs, new traits, and Indian cuisine.


There are only a handful of screenshots available so far. They appear to depict Sims visiting some kind of festival or amusement park, a pair of Sims enjoying a romantic night in the city (similar to The Sims Hot Date or The Sims 2 Nightlife), and what appears to be a small party or gathering inside an apartment.


The full-length trailer video hasn’t been released yet and we can’t find a solid release date either. In other words, watch this space!


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