How to attract more tourists to your city

Tourism can make big profits for your city, but attracting a sufficient number of visitors can be both challenging and expensive. Not only do you need to attract tourists to your city, but you also need to provide adequate transport, activities and accommodation to keep them happy and convince them to hand over their cash.

Eiffel Tower

Buildings that attract tourists

Culture buildings and stadiums will naturally attract visitors to your city, but the quantity of such buildings you can construct is limited. There are several other building that will also attract more tourists, including soccer/baseball fields and High Schools with a gymnasium module.

If placing stadiums or casinos, always ensure that you place any associated signage or billboard modules offered. These attract a set number of tourists each day.

Provide adequate transportation

No matter how attractive your city is to tourists; you can’t make any money unless they are able to get transport. Docks (with cruise ship modules), train stations, region-connected roads and bus terminals all provide external access to your city. It’s best to place external transport options within walking distance of your attractions, reducing the amount of local traffic. Streetcar depots are useful for moving tourists between attractions, external transport and your hotel area; so taxi’s full of tourists don’t clog up the streets.

Taxi Clogging occurs when there is inadequate public transport

Taxi Clogging occurs when there is inadequate public transport

Build an International Airport

Completing a Great Works project can be extremely challenging, but also hugely rewarding. The International Airport brings a steady stream of new tourists into your city, provided your road and railway infrastructure can support it. Beware of the increase in criminals though; a city with excessive crime will struggle to attract high wealth tourists.


Schedule an event

Scheduling events can be a great way to attract more visitors to your city, in addition to turning a handsome profit. But remember; with thousands of Sims commuting to a single building within a short time frame, your traffic capacity will be stretched to its limits. Try placing your stadiums in locations that be accessed by foot, such as next door to a train station or cruise ship terminal.
SimCity Tier 2 Stadium

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