SkyClops Coaster DLC included with Origin purchase of ‘SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow’

Buy the upcoming ‘Cities of Tomorrow’ expansion pack on Origin to receive an exclusive the SkyClops Coaster DLC. The roller coaster can be plopped on Mega Towers, attracting tourists and producing revenue.


From the description on the Origin store:

Want more tourists? This futuristic roller-coaster crown clamps onto the top of MegaTowers for a stunning tourist attraction! Save space and earn money with this high-tech coaster!

Key features:

– Tourist attraction: Increase tourism with easier traffic flow.
– MegaTower destination: Pack a MegaTower full of workers and shopping, then top it with the SkyClops Coaster Crown. Tourists will spend money at Mall Levels in the MegaTower below it!
– Boost regional profits: This exclusive crown increases the profits earned by all Tourism Crowns in the region.


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