10 Electronics to Keep Your Sims Entertained.

The Sims is, at its most fundamental level, a simulation of reality. In real life, we spend an inordinate amount of time looking at a screen. Between smartphones, television, iPads and computers; we spend an estimated nine hours a day looking at a screen. If this is our reality, it stands to reason that our Sims should be doing the same thing.

This list highlights the ten best consumer electronics for The Sims 4 created by the ever-amazing modding community.

Samsung LE52A656A Wall TV Conversion by MXIMS

Apple iMac by The Huntsman

Entertainment Set Vol.2 by MAXIMS

iPad by LumiaLover

MacBook Conversion by Mio-Sims

Sony Wall Mounted TV by MXIMS

Functional iPod Touch by One Billion Pixels

Macbook Pro by pauleanr

Alienware PC by Esmeralda

Toshiba & LG Entertainment Set by MXIMS

That’s our list! To be completely honest, there really isn’t a huge number of electronics downloads available. Perhaps it’s something we need to start nagging the creators about..


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