10 Urban, Industrial and Loft Themed Furniture Sets for The Sims 4

Urban loft style home decor is all the rage right now. We’ve put together a lost of our ten favorite loft, industrial and urban themed furniture sets for The Sims 4. With the next expansion pack expected to be “City Life,” you can expect these downloads to become extremely popular once our Sims start moving into apartments.

Urban Industrial Living by MXIMS

Dysprosium Dining by wondymoon

Insanity Dining by MXIMS

Krypton Kitchen by Wondymoon

Bronze Office Conversion by dreamteamsims

Scandium Livingroom by wondymoon

Loft Dining by ShinoKCR

Ytterbium Living Room by wondymoon

DIY Rustic Pallet Bed by MXIMS

Osmium Bedroom by wondymoon

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