‘Build Outside Citybox’ mod increases city size

The allowed city size in SimCity 2013 is considered too small by the overwhelming majority of players. While EA/Maxis continue to hint that the size restrictions will be alleviated in the future, several game modders have been working on their own solutions.

One such solution is ‘Build Outside Citybox,’ which; as the name would suggest, allows you to place a variety of buildings/roads outside the normal city boundaries.

Build Outside City

While ‘Build Outside Citybox‘ doesn’t allow you to zone residential, commercial or industrial land, a wide range of buildings can be placed outside the normal city boundaries. This includes city specialization buildings; such as landmarks, casinos and factories. You can also plop city infrastructure like power stations, streetcar depots and sewage treatment facilities.

Installing the mod is a little tedious, so it’s highly recommended that you read all the instructions first. The mod is also updated quite frequently to resolve bugs and ensure compatibility with EA’s endless onslaught of patches. It’s a lot of work, but if you just can’t wait for EA to build something better, this mod may be worth the effort.

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