Best Halloween & Horror Themed Downloads

We get to enjoy Halloween, so why can’t our Sims? Here’s a roundup of the best spooky custom content created by the Sims community.

The Sims 2

a2accb8d-ee20-4937-8f8f-28661ff06868 xnmhauntedoods
xnm_deco_zombie xnmscarecrowx001
halloweenpumpkinslarge creepytablemesh

The Sims 3

prevue_01 w-800h-600-1946441
w-800h-600-1642699 OBP Decorative Halloween Cookies TN 1
asylum_windows_preview ZOMBIE
batlamp03 TS3W15-35-21-55_zps6ee859b9

The Sims 4

w-800h-600-2505488 MTS_Snaitf-1461408-cas


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