30+ Best Christmas Downloads for The Sims 4 (2023 Edition)

Christmas Day is only a few weeks away, so it’s time to give your Sims’ homes the festive makeover they deserve. In this roundup, we look at 30+ of the best Christmas-themed custom content downloads from the past seven years.

Salvia Christmas Decorations by wondymoon

Kiwi Holiday Set by Kiwisim4

Christmas Tree & Decorations by Psyzny

Very Industrial Lookin’ Christmas by littledica

Christmas Stockings by diabolicallime

Christmas Tree Set by PlatinumLuxeSims

Cheers Dining by SIMcredible

Lithium Christmas Living by wondymoon

Arxes Christmas Living by jomsims

Chelonia Christmas Decorations by wondymoon

Christmas Cards by Martine

Build Up Christmas Tree by wondymoon

Christmas Gifts by Severinka

Celebrate Living by SIMcredible!

Christmas Decor Set by Severinka

Christmas Decorations by wondymoon

‘Decorate the Tree’ Christmas Stuff by Blue Hopper Simming

Scandinavian Christmas Decorations by Severinka

Christmas Living by wondymoon

Scandinavian Christmas Living by Severinka

Holiday Wonderland Christmas Buffet by SIMcredible

Christmas Table Decorations by Martine

Christmas 2015 Collection by wondymoon

Christmas Decor Conversions by dreamteamsims

Christmas Set by Severinka

Estrela Living by SIMcredible

Holiday Candles by Orangemittens

Spiegelsplitter‘s Xmas Tree Conversion by Queen

Christmas Sweaters by Peacemaker

‘Happy Holidays’ Decorations by SIMcredible

Olea Christmas Decorations by wondymoon

Contempo Christmas Dining by Nikadema

Holiday Wonderland Christmas Entrance by SIMcredible

Oxygen Christmas Decorations by wondymoon

Did we forgot your favourite Christmas download? Let us know in the comments sections below.

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