17 Retro Downloads for a Blast From the Past

Whether you want decorate an entire home with retro furniture, or simply compliment your current design style with a few vintage pieces; you will find something to love in this roundup of the best retro-style downloads for The Sims 4.

Minimalist Retro Dining by Pyszny

Retro-Modern Living Conversion by MXIMS

1950s Refrigerator by 876simmer

Two Vintage Televisions by Onyx

‘Visions’ Retro Living Conversions by slox

Ferrum Dining by wondymoon

50’s Dining Conversion by MXIMS

Ether Curved Seating by Peacemaker IC

‘Back To Retro’ Living Room Conversion by Woohooty

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Marvels Conversion by Daer0n

1960’S Danish Mid-Century Daybed by Onyx

Portland Living by Saudade

60’s Atomic Set Conversion by LOolyharb1

Retro ‘Soviet Union’ televisions by Stanislav

Functional Gramophone by History Lover

‘Gray’ Dining & Fridge Conversion by MXIMS

‘Frontier Finds’ Kitchen & Dining Conversion by Daer0n

Futura Living & Dining by Peacemaker IC

We hope you like this little collection of downloads. If we’ve missed your favorite Retro style download, let us know on Twitter.


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