SimCity Digital Deluxe Landmarks Announced

The Digital Deluxe Edition of SimCity will include three exclusive city sets: the German City Set, the French City Set and the British City Set. The flipside? Digital Deluxe will knock you back $79.99, compared to $59.99 for the standard edition. It’s also only available online through Origin, which will put a hefty dent in your bandwidth allowance.

If you pre-order from Origin by January 31st, EA will give you five $10 credits to use on other purchases. If you’re a heavy game buyer, it’s possible to actually save money in the long run by investing the extra $20 in the deluxe edition.

So what exactly do you get for the extra $20? Just a bunch of building. But boy do they look nice!
Paris City Set – Includes the Eiffel Tower, Parisian-themed buildings and the Paris police station and Ploppableand French Police Cars
German City Set – Includes the Brandenburg Gate, German-themed buildings and the German rail station and unique German Trains
British City Set – Includes the Big Ben Block Tower, London-themed buildings, the London bus station and Double-Decker Buses


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