We’re resurrecting The Sims Graveyard

The Sims Graveyard—formerly Sims 2 Graveyard and Sims 3 Graveyard—has been an incredibly valuable resource for players for 12 years. It hosts tens of thousands of files from Sims websites and creators that have disappeared, making them available to nostalgic players and future generations of fans.

It’s also offline.

Like most websites hosted by J.M. Pescado, The Sims Graveyard goes offline pretty often. Frankly, it’s getting a bit annoying.

Liquid Sims has lots of experience hosting Sims files. Our finds section hosts thousands of downloads. Our community archives hosts complete mirrors of dozens of dead Sims websites.

So we’re going to resurrect The Sims Graveyard. And should the previous graveyard ever come back online, we’ll continue running a competing graveyard that’s updated frequently and actually hosted on decent servers.

The elephant in the room is the financial aspect. Liquid Sims has pretty fantastic infrastructure for a Sims website, but even we can’t take on tens (and potentially hundreds) of gigabytes of additional files without our expenses going up considerably.

Eventually, we’ll ask the community for donations. Not yet though. It doesn’t feel appropriate to ask until we have our Sims Graveyard website up and running.

To get us started, I’m setting aside $1,500 in a Sims Graveyard rainy day fund. My back-of-the-envelope math suggests that gives us a 3-4 year window before we need to do some fundraising or put in more money.

We’re hoping to have the Liquid Sims Sims Graveyard version 0.1 online by the end of the month. Watch this space.


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