Modder creates functional elevators for The Sims 4

By ingeniously modifying the portals from Realm of Magic, modder TheSimmer40 has created these functional and animated elevators for The Sims 4.

It’s been a while since I don’t post anything, but when Realm of Magic was released and included those debug portals, I thought that they could be useful for making elevators, so what I did is I created rugs that function as portals from Realm of Magic that you can use along this elevator door (which is basically the City Living cheaper elevator turned into a door) to make functional elevators for your builds. You can decorate the interior of the elevator however you like. Notice that sims will still teleport, but at least they will go inside the elevator before they teleport. More info and the download link are under the cut.

The doors and portals themselves do not have any special interactions, to use the elevator you just click on the ground where you want your sim to go. If it’s the fastest route, the sim is gonna use the elevator.

The portals can be found in Build Mode > Wall Attachments (I chose this instead of Rugs because it’s closer to the Doors category) and cost §1 each and the door can be found in Build Mode > Doors (obviously) and costs §1000. I’ve only made the door for the cheaper City Living elevator, not the fancier one as that one is lit up and I don’t know how to add that light effect to a door. Because the portals use Realm of Magic tuning, that pack is required.

Download from TheSimmer40’s Tumblr.


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