Custom chairs not working after March 23rd patch

You may have noticed that custom content chairs aren’t working since the latest patch.

Via Sims 4 Studio:

In the recent patch, EA made a change to chair code causing chairs to require 32-bit instance numbers instead of the 64-bit numbers they’ve always used. This change was, most likely, an unintended consequence of other changes made to chairs. I think this is true for two reasons: 1. this kind of change has occurred in the past and EA always reversed it in a later patch and 2. there is no benefit gained by using 32-bit instance numbers instead of 64-bit instance numbers. In fact, there is a drawback in that a smaller pool of possible instance numbers is more likely to result in instance number collisions (two objects with the same instance number).

It’s still unclear whether EA will fix this issue, or whether it will require a batch fix to be distributed through Studio.


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