Notes from the February 25th Sims 4 patch

A new patch for The Sims 4 has arrived today. As per usual, make sure you remove any mods from your game before applying the update.

I, personally, love the new Santa genocide feature.

Sims 4

  • Fixed an issue in Create a Sim that did not allow Body presets to be present as an option for Children and Toddler Sims.
  • For Simmers that experience a Last UI Exception error in Create a Sim while selecting Skin Tones, the issue has been resolved.
  • The UI team has fixed a few imperfections in Create a Sim/Pet:
    • Pet breed’s thumbnails will no longer look disproportionate in the Coat Color/Pattern section in the case of Simmers that own Cats and Dogs.
    • Sims’ makeup sliders will no longer overlap with color swatches and highlighting color swatches will no longer make them look offset.
    • Fixed an issue in which the Skin Tones sliders didn’t appropriately hide when changing to other parts of the Sims to customize.
    • Saving customized color swatches will no longer create duplicates of the base color swatch used to create the custom color.
    • The Save button will no longer function inconsistently when utilizing the opacity sliders. Did it save? But did you save it? Did it actually save? But did it save?
  • Gallery Notifications on the Main Menu needed to be more opaque as they were a bit unreadable and quite… ghostly. Good to know that was the resolve because this editor was second-guessing her contacts’ prescription for a while there.
  • As always this editor and the Localization team made some adjustments and perfected some of the text in-game across all packs and previous updates.

Get to Work

  • We were contacted by the Aliens, and they have helped us reinstate their missing Skin Tone color in Create a Sim. Now all 8 Alien skin options are visible again.

Cats and Dogs

  • We did some maintenance on all Robot Vacuums so now they will actually clean up messes instead of just roaming around your Lot. Especially those created by Children and Toddlers – Big Yikes! Glad that the warranty was still in place though.


  • Was your game save feeling the pressure to not continue with the Winterfest spirit? So were we. We have applied a fix that should help with the culling of extra Father Winters… affecting some saves. The Culling (it’s like The Happening, so something will happen… we hope) should start when loading into a Lot. Simmers with low-end machines and many, many Father Winters… in saves, may take some time (possibly hours… that is real-life hours, not Sim hours… just in case) for The Culling to complete. Afterward, Simmers should see an improvement in performance when playing these saves.

Eco Lifestyle

  • The “Store No More Home Fabricator” will now properly display the number of Bits and Pieces that are owned by Sims.

Nifty Knitting

  • Children will no longer look like they have put a leg through a rocking chair when reacting happily to rocking. Nothing to see here… nothing to see here folks.


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