The Sims 4 gets a new neighbourhood: Newcrest

The Sims 4’s June update will include a whole new world called Newcrest. Newcrest will arrive into our games completely empty and ready to grow.


We know that many of you wanted more room to expand, but didn’t have the heart to evict the likes of Bella Goth, Malcolm Landgraab, and Bob Pancakes. We can’t blame you – who would want to live in a world without the Goths? That’s why we made Newcrest a clean slate. It’ll contain three new neighborhoods, each with five empty lots. You can download homes from the Gallery, build your own, and put whatever you want there! Bars, clubs, parks, houses, pools – you’ll be able to let your creativity shine in Newcrest. In case you want to start building homes now to get ready, here are the lot sizes:

The update is expected to arrive on June 11th along with other enhancements and bug fixes.


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