‘The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff’ Is Coming July 19th

There’s a new stuff pack for The Sims 4 coming in just a weeks’ time! The theme is, as the name helpfully suggests, fun new objects to keep your Sims entertained in their backyard.

Spruce up your backyard with the spinning wind catchers, spitting flower frog fountains, and sit around your new umbrella table that accommodates up to 6 Sims. Your fashionable Sims will enjoy all new vibrant summer prints and new hairstyles in both ombre and natural colors – kids will also enjoy some fashionable hair colors to show off their creative side as well.


The highlight of the stuff pack looks to be the water slide. There’s nothing than getting soaking wet and sliding down a rubber tube on summer’s hottest days. If we can enjoy it, why can’t our Sims?

Nothing spells fun quite like a Lawn Water Slide, and your Sims will enjoy pulling off some sweet tricks for their friends and family with this really fun object. Looking for a more relaxing tranquil space for your backyard to enjoy nature? No worries! With the new bird feeder you can bring nature to you! Enjoy watching Cardinals and more come to churp cheerfully as they enjoy a bite to eat.


You can read the full announcement post on the official Sims website. The Stuff Pack will be available for purchase through Origin on July 19th.


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