Sims 4 Studio Now Supports Object Meshes

Version 2.4 of Sims 4 Studio had added support for new mesh objects. Now creators can make awesome furniture and objects without requiring TSR Workshop – an otherwise great tool sometimes criticized for being buggy and bloated.


We’re so excited to bring you a new version of Studio that is able to do object meshes and default override object meshes. It has been in alpha testing for a week (our longest alpha yet) and it’s ready to go to beta testing. Almost without a doubt there will be some bugs due to the brief period Love was held in alpha testing. The EA object catalog is very large and the items in it display a lot of variety in how they’re put together. For this reason it’s difficult to create a tool that is able to deal with them all crack off the bat. There will be exceptions to the rules that Studio learned during the alpha test period and these exceptions may cause errors or simply not work right.

There has already been a considerable increase in the amount of Sims 4 custom content being released since this tool was updated. Happy modding!


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