Simlogical Releases Sims 4 Studio, A ‘Versatile’ Custom Content Making Tool For The Sims 4

Quality custom content for The Sims 4 is a step closer thanks to the release of Sims 4 Studio. The tool is developed by The Sims 4 Group; a team consisting of A, Kuree, Rick, The Nameless One, orangemittens and ChaosMageX.

It’s currently limited to creating custom accessories and recolors, but it’s still at early stages of development and new features should appear rapidly. Exported 3D models are best edited in Blender, but other tools such as Milkshape, Maya and 3DS Max can be used instead.

The groups warns that Sims 4 Studio is still a work-in-progress:

This is a beta release and may have some kinks to work out but it has been extensively tested in its alpha phase. New features are planned and feedback from people using the tool about other features they would like is welcome. If you have a bug to report, a wish to add, or a comment to make please post in this thread. This tool is in active development and we want to hear from you! Keep your eye on this site in the days to come for tutorials and updates. Happy modding everyone

You can download Sims 4 Studio from its official home at Simlogical.


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