Roundup: 25+ Best Sims 4 Downloads From 2022

As we enter a new year, lets look back at some of the best Sims 4 custom content sets released in 2022! These downloads include hand-picked favorites by our editor, plus the downloads that received the most clicks on our site.

Bokhai Bedroom by Severinka

Halcyon Kitchen by Harrie

Vienna Living by SIMcredible

Indri Dining by wondymoon

Bellevue Living by ArtVitalex

Gale Dining by myshunosun

Dusicyon Living Room by wondymoon

Lighthouse Collection Living by Charly Pancakes

MCM House Bedroom by Pierisim

Scrofa Bathroom by wondymoon

BAYSIC Furniture Set by Harrie

Freya Living by Severinka

Kitayama Bedroom by Peacemaker IC

Louisville Living by ArtVitalex

Arrie Office by myshunosun

CYFI Detroit Living by ArtVitalex

Harper Dining by soloriya

Child Dream Bedroom by Max 20

IND Restaurant Set PII by Tuds

‘Earthy Boho’ Living by Felixandre

French Château by plumbobkingdom

Hinterlands Dining by Peacemaker IC

Coturnix Outdoor Living by wondymoon

Lavish Walk-In Wardrobe by Charly Pancakes

Freja Nursery by myshunosun

Naturalis Plants III by SIMcredible

What was your favorite download of 2022?

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