Retired Creator Spotlight: Murano

Welcome to the second post in our Retired Creator Spotlight blog series. Each fortnight we’re going to feature one of the best content creators from the days of The Sims 2. Recognizing that most of our readers are looking for Sims 4 content, we’ll be showcasing TS4 conversions of the featured creator’s downloads.

Who was Murano?

Murano was a object creator who rose to prominence during the early years of The Sims 2. Murano described himself as “a regular guy from Switzerland, studying graphic design” and used this talent for design to produce some of the highest quality downloads for both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. His creations focused mainly on contemporary Scandinavian designs, however he became most well known as the originator of reflective floors.


Murano initially shared his creations on his own website (Murano Mobilia), but later moved to The Sims Resource as a Featured Artist. Unfortunately The Sims Resource required a subscription to download back in those days, so many fans were unable to enjoy his content without resorting to filesharing sites.

Conversions of Murano’s Creations

The following conversions of Murano’s downloads have been published. Much like our spotlight on Adele, we were unable to find a substantial number of conversions of Murano’s objects. Hopefully that changes, because his timeless contemporary designs deserve to be experienced by a new generation of Sims players.

Murano Lowland & Mondrian Living Conversions by Leo

Murano Sofa Conversions by Mio

Murano Cluit Living Conversion by Mio

What happened to Murano?

Murano lingered for a while after the release of The Sims 3, however the frequency with which he released new downloads gradually grew further and further apart. Eventually years passed and nothing more was heard from Murano. The can only assume that Murano lost interest in creating for The Sims games and found an alternative outlet for his creative talents.

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