Repairman Added in The Sims 4 Game Update

Today’s update to The Sims 4 finally adds a repairman who can be hired to fix broken plumbing and electronics around your Sims’ homes. According to our July poll, repairmen and gardeners are the least requested feature behind toddlers, drive-able cars and toddlers.


The repairman NPC – now called Repair Technicians – can be hired from the phone’s services menu for 100 Simoleons (+10 Simoleons an hour). Sims with an interest in home repairs can also ask the Repair Technician for advice and gain a small boost to their handiness skill.

In addition to the new repairman, today’s update added new challenge rewards and fixed a mile-long list of bugs, which can be seen in EA’s patch notes. Repairmen, now called Repair Technicians, have finally arrived. They can be hired from the phone’s services menu, costing a base fee of 100 simoleons and an additional 10 per hour. Upon arrival they’ll march straight to work, repairing any broken plumbing or appliances in the home. Aspiring handymen can even ask the technician for repair advice, resulting in a small boost to their handiness skill.

So when are we getting gardeners?


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