Pools Are Here! Business & Athletics Careers Coming

Today’s patch for The Sims 4 finally introduced swimming pools. Sims 4 producer Ryan Vaughan releases the details in an email interview with Kotaku writer Yannick LeJacq.


  • Once again, you will be able to drown your Sims in the pools you create for them. Note that this adds another method of virtual murder (or death, depending on how you look at it) to the ten that The Sims 4 started out with.
  • “Death by drowning” means that if a Sim dies because he or she drowned in a pool, they may come back as a new type of ghost with a special taste for water (see below).
  • In addition to exercising, playing around, and calming down by using the swimming pools, Sims will also be able to pee in them. This is a great opportunity for mischief-making. The other Sims in the water might get a teensy bit upset, though.
  • Sims will also be able to sit on the side of a pool—something they weren’t able to do in previous games in the series.
  • Swimming pools aren’t just a subterranean fixture anymore. EA says that players will now be able to build pools on any floor of a house or public building they’re creating or modifying. That means you can create “a multi-pool mansion with pools on every floor” if you feel like it. You can also “place windows on the walls of pools to create an infinity-pool aquatic escape for your Sims,” EA wrote in today’s announcement. “And we’ve also added the ability to adjust the depth of your pools by adjusting wall heights.”
  • As with other parts of the new and improved build mode, you have more flexibility in terms of creating different angles and curves on the edges of your architectural creations. That means “diagonal pools” alongside the snazzy new rooftop ones.
  • Sims are also getting a new line of swimwear to go along with the new pools.
  • Pools are included in the November 4th patch which can be downloaded (for free) from Origin. You can watch the ‘The Sims 4: Pools Official Trailer below:

    It has also been revealed that an upcoming patch will add two new career paths to The Sims 4: “Business” and “Athletic.” Both will come with two different branches that Sims can pursue; “management” and “investor” for the business path, and “bodybuilder” or “professional athlete” for the athletic path. The release date has not been specified.


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