Poll: Do you buy the Game Packs and Stuff Packs?

Long-time players of The Sims franchise are used to buying expansion packs to add new content to our games. Game Packs; introduced with The Sims 4, are like mini expansion packs that add new functionality to the game. Stuff Packs; which have existed since The Sims 2, simply add new clothing and object to the game.


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Personally I have never bought a Game Pack, but have purchased a Stuff Pack in the past – not for The Sims 4 though. There’s so much great custom content available that I’ve never really seen the point in spending money on some extra clothing and objects. The Game Packs are a slightly more interesting idea, but I don’t like the idea of being sold an “incomplete” game and then need to spend even more money to get all the missing features. Just seems greedy on EA’s part.

I’d love to hear what you think!

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