Editor’s Picks: The Best Sims 4 Custom Content from 2018

There was so much amazing custom content released in 2018, so narrowing it down to our favourite 10 was a hugely difficult task. In no particular order, the custom content that our finds hunters used most in their games in 2018 include:

Francium Bedroom by wondymoon

Kingston Dining by Peacemaker IC

‘Comfort Zone’ Living by Pyszny

Apple Macbook 2016 12″ ( Functional & Deco ) by MXIMS

Celtis Living by Wondymoon

‘Bruuno Industria’ Modern Seating by Peacemaker IC

Atelier Kitchen by Pyszny

Virgil Dining by Mango-Sims

Gold Living by wondymoon

Los Feliz Kitchen by Pyszny

Did we miss your favourite download? Let us known in the comments section below.


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