13 Best Bedroom Sets for The Sims 4

Following our roundups of the best bathrooms, studies, kitchens, and gardens; today we look at some of the best bedrooms created for The Sims 4. We’ve found 13 amazing bedroom sets in a variety of different design genres, created by 7 supremely talented artists.

Mid-Century Abode: Add-on Bedroom by Peacemaker IC

Lutetium Bedroom by wondymoon

Ikea Trysil Bedroom by MXIMS

Scandinavian Bedroom by pyszny

Lutetium Bedroom by wondymoon

Alfazema Bedroom by SIMcredible! Designs

ExoticElements Bedroom Conversion by Llen

Dover Bedroom Conversion by dreamteamsims

Bedroom Conversion #5 by MXIMS

Rhodium Teen Bedroom by wondymoon

Daisy Bedroom by pyszny

Cadmium Bedroom by wondymoon

That’s it! Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below. Keep an eye out for our roundups of the best dining rooms and living sets in the next few months!


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