10 Quirky & Colorful Furnishings for your Sims’ Homes

Do you need something to make your Sims’ houses a bit brighter and more cheerful? Today we look at ten bright and fresh furniture sets that will add a splash of color to any dreary home. All of the downloads listed are for The Sims 4.

NOX Dining Set by Peacemaker IC

Colorful Awesims Club Chair Recolors by sjane4prez

Colorfloral Blanket & Pillow Recolors by Sarah

Vienna Bedroom by Saudade Sims

Ikea NORNÄS Storage by Llen

‘Hamptons Hideaway’ Living by Peacemaker IC

Office Set by Koposov

Cluit Seating Conversion & Recolors by lina-cherie

“IKEA Inspiration” Bathroom by Phoenix

Portland Living by Saudade

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