10 Clothing Options for Hot Sim Guys

Female Sims tend to receive the lion’s share of custom content created for them, so today we’re showing off some of the great downloads available for the dudes.

Barely Seen Boxer Briefs by Peacemaker IC

Shirts & Cardigans by Marion

Muscle Hoodie by Peacemaker IC

Wool Trench Coats by marvinsims

Slim-fit Cuffed Sweatpants by Peacemaker IC

Layered Shirt & Sweater For Men by LumiaLoverSims

Yoga Sweatpants by Peacemaker IC

Male Sweaters by KK’s Sims

‘Vests Are Cool’ by Peacemaker IC

Open Shirt for Males by Kijiko

Did we miss your favorite male outfit? Let us know on Twitter!


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