10+ Best Living Room Sets for The Sims 4

The next roundup in our “best rooms” series—following bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, kid’s bedrooms and bathrooms—is lounge rooms! We look at the 11 best living room sets for The Sims 4. The outstanding work of 6 different supremely-talented creators is featured in this roundup.

Ytterbium Living Room by wondymoon

Adele’s Super Chouette Conversion by Femme

Atwood Living Redux by Peacemaker IC

Celtis Living by Wondymoon

Troia Living by Onyxium

Neodymium Living Room by wondymoon

Elene Living by Mathcope

Gold Living by wondymoon

Martin’s Living by Pyszny

Scandium Livingroom by wondymoon

Hay Muuto Living/Study Conversion by MXIMS

Yttrium Living by wondymoon

Did we leave out your favourite dining set? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments section below.


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