16 Beautiful Garden Sets for The Sims 4

The Sims 4 and its expansion packs already include a robust collection of items to create amazing gardens. Of course, our beloved custom content creators have found creative ways to make our outdoor areas even more grand. Whether you’re building a lavish botanical garden or just a small veggie patch for the kids, you can always use some new plants, flowers or outdoor furnishing.

Tennessine Garden Greenhouse by wondymoon

Gardening Foyer Plants by SIMcredible!

Greenhouse Set by Leander Belgraves

Modular Plants VI by plasticbox

‘Green Time’ Plants & Furniture by SIMcredible

Outdoor Plant Conversions by msteaqueen

Seaborgium Garden Living by wondymoon

Plant Conversions by linacherie

More Gardening Conversions by Yume

Modular Flower Shrubs + Pot by plasticbox

Bathtub Gardens by Simista

Naturalis Plants by SIMcredible

Antique Garden by Rope

Macarossi Plants & Flowers Conversion by Xelenn

Gardening Set by Sandy

Plant Conversions by SANOYSIMS

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