The sixth SimCity patch is coming

EA have published the changelog for SimCity 6.0, which is expected to be released early next week. Release highlights include much-needed RCI improvements and a new borderless windowed mode setting, which will improve multi-monitor support.


• New: RCI Tuning – Tuning to make Industrial needed more. Commercial buildings lose profit if they don’t have enough freight. The demand bars should feel like they inform the player what they should zone.
• New: RCI height variations for Density 3 Buildings. This will add more variety to the look of your cities.
• New: Borderless windowed mode setting.
• Fixes for some issues of the “out of money” problem or unexplained abandonment.
• Clarity around unfilled jobs and workers to make sure players are messaged that there may be an issue where workers cannot get to unfilled jobs.
• Residential and Commercial buildings are now more consistently in the same wealth in an area of a particular land value. Improves visually consistency.
• Help Wanted, no Shoppers, and No Jobs alerts have been added to the Zoning info panel as alerts.
• Data Layer: Greater map accuracy on the land value map. Residential and Commercial wealth colors added. Abandoned buildings show up red.
• Data Layer: Land Value map shows when placing parks.
• Fixed issue where RCI sometimes builds on roads.
• Fix performance slowdown in cities with more than one million tourists.
• UI Clarity: Show which city hall modules are already placed in the region on the palette UI.
• Garbage UI: fixed issue where garbage UI sometimes showed bins that had already been picked up.
• Gifting: Cash gifts will send to another city even if a player leaves the gifting city before seeing gift confirmation.

While it’s nice to see EA continuing to fix issues with the game, most of the fundamental simulation problems remain untouched.

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