Supersize SimCity Maps with “Orion’s Belt”

Orion’s Belt is an easy-to-install collection of SimCity mods that work together to increase the size of SimCity’s maps. It contains roughly ten mods (from a variety of authors) that increase the map size, adjust the user interface for working with larger cities, tweak roads, enable regional tunnels and bridges to be editable, plus lots of other tweaks.


Why not just download all the mods individually? Well you could, but having them all in a single mod pack is just easier. As the author writes:

Orion’s Belt is an idea I came up with when observing people trying to install the group of mods related to bigger map sizes. for people had trouble with the idea of placing files into a folder. I knew I would get frustrated with trying to get into modded SimCity, so I thought I could do the community a justice and create a simple installer for the newcomers and mod enthusiasts alike.

Unfortunately Orion’s Belt only works for Windows users at this time. Many of the included mods can be downloaded and installed individually for Mac user, however.

Orion’s Belt can be downloaded at Simtropolis.


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