Maxis ‘working on’ Regional Gifting, Textures and Vehicle bugs

A thread has appeared on EA’s forums, outlining some of the current SimCity development focuses. These include much-needed bug fixes to regional gifting, which has been severely broken since the 7.0 patch.


  • School Buses: Improving school bus behavior to prevent traffic jams being caused by buses becoming stuck
  • Recycling Trucks: Addressing recycling trucks grouping together
  • Low resolution ground textures: Drawing the correct resolution textures around buildings based on your graphical settings
  • Terrain: Improving ground terrain texture to prevent terrain drawing over road sections
  • Gifting: Investigating gifting reliability where sending money gifts would arrive in incorrect values or not at all
  • Still no sign of larger maps, unfortunately. Nonetheless, these incremental improvements to the simulation are appreciated by those of us who have stuck with SimCity.


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