How To Reduce Crime in SimCity

A city overrun with criminals can have disastrous consequences. Businesses will shut down, residents will flee and tourists will stay far away; effectively crippling your city’s economy. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques for keeping the crooks at bay.

Crime in casino cities can be difficult to manage

Crime in casino cities can be difficult to manage

But first, where do criminals come from? Sims that can’t find work or are struggling to pay high taxes may turn to crime to support themselves. Just like in real life, poverty breeds crime. Uneducated Sims may also consider a career in crime, as they lack the skills to acquire meaningful employment. Building casinos will lead to a spike in crime, because all of that money circulating will surely interest crooks. Finally, a city neighboring a city with high crimes or an International Airport great works project will find criminals spilling into their city.

Baseball Fields

Sims who are involved in sports are less likely to grow into hardened criminals. Placing Baseball Fields in medium-wealth areas (instead of comparatively cheaper parks) will help keep middle-class crime rates down.



Educated Sims have the means to seek meaningful employment. Ensuring all of your residents can access a school is essential. Plop more school buses to make sure every last child makes it into class.Spark_2014-08-27_19-59-33

Control Traffic

There is no direct correlation between congested traffic and controlling crime, but it’s still an important factor to consider. If your police cannot reach a crime scene in time, the offender will remain at large and continue to terrorize your city. Buses (especially park-and-rides), trams and MagLev tracks can help keep commuters out of the way. Also ensure that your police station is located in a low-traffic area with access to most of the map.

So many transit options, there's barely a car on the road.

So many transit options, there’s barely a car on the road.

Maximize The Police Precinct

The University’s School of Law allows you to research advanced crime fighting modules for the Police Precinct. The Detective’s wing is particularly helpful, as it sends out detective cars that can arrest criminals who have previously eluded capture. The Crime Prevention Center is essentially a community outreach program that visits your residential areas and prevents Sims from becoming criminals. Finally, the police helicopter (unlocked by plopping a municipal airport) can apprehend criminals without needing to wade through traffic.


How do you control crime in your cities?


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