Gizmodo gets a Sneak Peak at ‘Cities of Tomorrow’

Popular technology blog Gizmodo was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak of the upcoming SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack. They were invited to a game walkthrough and Q&A session with the game’s designer Stone Librande.

Last night, Gizmodo got a sneak peek at the new SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack due out next month. The eye-popping visuals of the relaunch were covered widely, immediately making a game as easy to discuss for its many frustrations as for its design advances, and we were thus keen to learn how Cities of Tomorrow expansion would continue or depart from the recent refresh.


The article is worth a read if you’re still considering whether you want to invest in this expansion.

Stray Observations

  • The expansion pack was in development before the base game was even released
  • The game takes place roughly 50 years in the future. The technological capabilities are limited to what’s reasonable for that time period
  • High-tech cities are controlled by ControlNet: an NSA-like know-it-all network of the 1%
  • You will be able to build malls, schools, restaurants, and even nuclear fusion reactors on top of each other in aptly named ‘mega towers’
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