BADLAND, an addictive adventure game for iOS and Android

BADLAND is an action adventure game available for iOS and Android. It’s the first offering by Finnish indie studio Frogmind.


The game is available in English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. Not that it matters very much, given that the menus are incredibly simple and the actual game demands no language skills whatsoever.

The game is incredibly immersive and certainly worth the price tag. The iOS version will set you back a modest $3.99. On Android however, the game uses a freemium model whereby the first 40 levels can be played for free, if you’re willing to endure a couple of advertisements. You can unlock all the levels for a meager $2.99.


The gameplay is reasonably straightforward. The player commands a small owl-like creature who progresses through an obstacle course, encountering various magnetic power-ups. These power-ups alter size, slow gameplay, or even create little owl clones who continue through the level en masse. The owl creature is controlled by simply tapping on the screen to move upwards and counteract the effects of gravity.

The game is still being developed, with new level being released every few months.

Download from Google Play (Android)
Download from iTunes (iOS)


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